My Poetry Path

Gerardine Baugh

Into The Night

This poem was written after witnessing a brilliantly white full moon in a blue sky.

This poem is asking me to add more, and change it around. What do you think?

Into The Night

By Gerardine Baugh

A white Frosty Moon reigns

Over a tranquil blue sky

Waiting as the sun sets

In a reddish, orange wave

Enamored, Luna watches the sky

Gliding to sleep as intrinsic blue

Pours silently into the earths

Silken folds and settles atop

Flickering waves of light

Fibers bending, slipping into peaks,

Reposed, where it lingers

Musing to touch days-light

That moment, in pitch-dark

When the sun moves upward

The sky will lean on

The edge of the earth

Slipping back into its cloak

           …of blue

Thoughts on the Water’s Edge

The simple act of a sunset is not to be missed. It starts out subtle as the sun inches closer to the horizon.

There seems to always be a cloud, or two that stays around to reflect the light with pastel colors, blending into deep reds, purples, yellows and oranges. Shades of grey mix in and to make a spectacle you can’t turn away from.

At dusk a Blue Heron flies wide from the south, and approaches the pond. Flying in that setting sun, making it very hard to see him, I hold my hand up, blocking out the sun.

That was how I wrote this poem, a moment in time, frozen within the memories of others.

Thoughts on the Water’s Edge


Gerardine Baugh© July 2009


I hold my hand up to the sun


As it slips along my skin

And the horizon

For a second

Suspended on my middle finger

In white and yellow splendor

Playful imps gently move

My hair, I brush them away as

Memories of waters


Lapping against the pier

Topping their peaks

With shades of green and brilliant white

Shimmering across waters

In smooth, bright light shadows

The air full of sounds

Intimately whispering

In the leaves and grass, reality

Shifts along the edges

From green and heady

Embarrassment and sweet moans

Interrupted by hunger pains

Barbeques smolder, curling wispy

Scents in the air

Hotdogs and chicken

Aftershave and lipstick

Corn and potatoes

Sweat and skin

Laughter trickles down the suns edges

Sizzling my skin with his warmth

A memory

Buried in another’s scent

Warm and sensual, another time

Moving in-between my life

Always brought back

Into the rays of the setting sun

A mass of color

A riot of flavors


In one ephemeral moment


As I hold my hand up to the sun






Gerardine Baugh© 3/2009



Today, I stood outside and raised my face to the sky

And felt the rain

Drops of icy water ran down my hair, soaked my clothes

And filled my shoes

Shivers of excitement pulled at my heart, wind tugged at my soul

And I laughed

For that one moment, I was apart of everything, fearing nothing

And I was alive